Engineering Services

Trivim provides a diverse range of engineering services to its manufacturing clients. Our specialized professionals comprehend eminent experience in KBE approach-based Design Automation, CAD Customization, Engineering to Order, IoT along with training and outsourcing of workforce.
We aim at empowering our customers with digitalized innovative solutions benefiting their mechanical engineering needs, with upgraded quality, minimum lead time, sharpened creativity and limited cost.

KBE/Design Automation

Using the knowledge-based engineering approach, Trivim guarantees a top-of-the-line product designing with maximized creativity. We incorporate Detailed Design, 3D Modeling and 2D Detailing packed KBE to save maximal of the clients lead time. Thus, eliminating the repetitive designing process with our design automation of customized manufacturing products, with a multiplied guarantee for quality consistency to achieve product standardization.

CAD Customization

With a valued proficiency of CAD customization for manufacturers, Trivim Technology Services helps companies integrate and transform product models by programming customers’ demands into digital reality. Our CAD Designers and Programmers are here to develop your product necessities into customized results.

Engineering To Order (ETO)

As an engineering consultancy, we provide end-to-end ETO application for our clients. From Inquiry, Quotation, Receiving and Engineering an Order to 3D Engineering Model designs, we consult the customer with a complete digital support plus leading–edge quality assurance. Trivim ETO service brings for you a cost-effective, ingenious and intelligent automated 3D engineering expertise, combined with a fulfilling customer experience.

Digital Twins

Unlock the world of engineering possibilities in digital intelligence through machine learning and customized AI-powered digital transformations for your organization. Excel the Internet of Things with our future-proof, inventive, reliable virtual navigation framework that will accelerate your time-to-market, explore the capabilities of your product quality, and enhance the customer service.

Low code/No Code

Discover the power of Low Code/No Code, the game-changing approach to building applications without traditional coding. Experience the future of app development with Low Code/No Code. Start building, innovating, and transforming your business today.

Why Us

Uniqueness of Our Services

Reduced Lead Time

With our Knowledge Based Engineering technique combined with latest technologies, Trivim achieves most-desirable solutions for its clients while saving up to 95% of their lead time.


We design CAD/ CAM software automation and customization for companies with minimal costs and maximum profitability

Advanced Engineering Solutions

Our In-house engineering workforce strives to carry out distinctive quality of service and are always one-step ahead in fulfilling all our customer’s requirements.

Digitalization Functionalities

Keeping up with the current times our digitized mechanization facilitates inventive results, with increased productivity, reduced defects, nominal time-to-market.

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