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Trivim Techno Crafts

We assist companies in expanding their engineering capabilities

Trivim Techno Crafts is a leading engineering solutions company rendering expert outcomes in the manufacturing industry. We are here to provide all kinds of engineering services from KBE design automation, CAD customization, Engineering to Order, IoT, Manpower Outsourcing and Training. Combining our extensive experience and an innovative quest for knowledge with KBE based automation approach, we deliver projects that benefit our customers in multiple ways.

Participating in the Make in India initiative, our Pune based startup aspires to bring the highest quality digitalization results to customers. Trivim has extensive experience in customizing and designing the automation of manufacturing product models for Aerospace & Defence, Automotive & Auto Suppliers, Consumer Products, Electronics & Semiconductor, Process Equipment & Turbo, Industrial Machinery, Healthcare and Lifestyle as well as Tooling.

We recogzise Transparency, Dedication, Consistency and a Need for Innovation as essential values of our establishment that spark within us the sheer need to integrate Discipline in our workforce. With this inspiration, we can deliver inventive, digitalized, excellent and profitable engineering services.

Our Purpose


To accelerate the success of industries working to promote the Make in India movement by leveraging the powers of digitalization.



  • Honesty with our clients is a powerful factor for success.
  • Constant learning is a crucial component that enhances the process of development.
  • Our path to excellence involves implementing solutions to the most complex industry requirements.
  • Promote the virtues of a harmonious workforce for the advancement of humanity.
  • Encourage team members and clients to maximize their potential so order to succeed on a grander scale.

Why Us

Uniqueness of Our Services

Reduced Lead Time

With our Knowledge Based Engineering technique combined with latest technologies, Trivim achieves most-desirable solutions for its clients while saving up to 95% of their lead time.


We design CAD/ CAM software automation and customization for companies with minimal costs and maximum profitability

Advanced Engineering Solutions

Our In-house engineering workforce strives to carry out distinctive quality of service and are always one-step ahead in fulfilling all our customer’s requirements.

Digitalization Functionalities

Keeping up with the current times our digitized mechanization facilitates inventive results, with increased productivity, reduced defects, nominal time-to-market.

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