Offers Quality Engineering Solutions To Help Companies In Product Development Process

Trivim is a leading engineering consulting, customizing solutions provider. We are committed to assist our customers visualize their prime design and manufacturing potential utilizing our KBE based Design Automation, CAD customization, Engineering to Order (ETO), Internet of Things (IoT) services with improved time-to-market ratio. Harness the world of Digital Engineering to transform the future of your business, with our cost-efficient, modernized utilization services.

Experienced and Expert Service

Intend to successfully execute knowledge-based engineering solutions by our expert personnel to bring excellency in any and all projects.

Eminent Troubleshooting Processes

Deliver analysed real-time digital solutions to overhaul automation challenges

Customized Profitable Designs

Design customized, cutting-edge,lead-time saving CAD/CAM operations profitable to clients.

Our Purpose


To accelerate the success of industries working to promote the Make in India movement by leveraging the powers of digitalization.



  • Honesty with our clients is a powerful factor for success.
  • Constant learning is a crucial component that enhances the process of development.
  • Our path to excellence involves implementing solutions to the most complex industry requirements.
  • Promote the virtues of a harmonious workforce for the advancement of humanity.
  • Encourage team members and clients to maximize their potential so order to succeed on a grander scale.


What we do


Engineering Services

Trivim provides a diverse range of engineering services to its manufacturing clients.


KBE/Design Automation

Using the knowledge-based engineering approach, Trivim guarantees a top-of-the-line product designing with maximized creativity.

CAD Customization

Our CAD Designers and Programmers are here to develop your product necessities into customized results.

Engineering to Order (ETO)

As an engineering consultancy, we provide end-to-end ETO application for our clients


Digital Twins

Unlock the world of engineering possibilities in digital intelligence through machine learning and customized AI-powered digital transformations for your organization

Low Code/No Code

Explore how Low Code/No Code platforms are democratizing app development, making it faster and more accessible for everyone.

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Our company aspires to make a difference in the engineering industry by fostering in our team the company’s values of unhindered transparency through our work, commitment and dedication to stand true to our client’s expectations by developing innovative solutions with consistency. We adhere to these values of Trivim Techno Crafts with active incorporation of discipline in all our tasks.


Empowering Growth Through Expert Solutions

Trivim serves as a catalyst for your company's business growth by conducting meticulous problem analysis, refining design maturity, enriching design knowledge and resolving errors efficiently. This approach results in accelerated processes, reducing the need for extensive revisions. With automatic data validation and 3D fouling detection,our clients experience smoother operations, allowing them to redirect their resources towards strategic marketing efforts. This, in turn,leads to reduced man-hours, cost savings, and a notable reduction in product development time, ultimately driving their business success.




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